Build With Us

Harpe Development LLC was established in April of 2006. From conception, our mission has been to provide high quality homes at an affordable price. We continue to find ways to better our homes without raising our prices. The process is smooth and comfortable for our homeowners, and in return, our customers walk away happy with their home and the building experience with Harpe Development LLC. This is the reason why we are Kenosha and Racine Counties favorite home builder!

Using our in-house draftsman, you will be able to customize our standard homes or design your dream home from the ground up. Using 3D architectural CAD software, our draftsman will make your dreams into a reality.

Our 2500 square foot in-house design center introduces our customers to the various materials that go into building their home. Our designers creat an informative and fun experience that guides the customer through the selection process. Our designers work directly with the customer to assist and lend advice to all aspects of the interior and exterior of the home. We break the process up into multiple selection meetings as to not overwhelm our customers.

During construction our customers work directly with their Project Manager to stay informed with the process of building their home. The Project Manager is there to answer any questions and address any concerns that the buyer may have. There are many aspects to going into building a home. Our goal at Harpe Development LLC is to make the process as smooth and stress free as possible.

All of the departments at Harpe Development LLC work together as a team to assemble all of the pieces that go into building a home.
Every home built by Harpe Development LLC is third party tested for ENERGY STAR compliance. Our homes are built to maximize energy efficiency. On average our homes are 25% more energy efficient (a figure published by Wisconsin ENERGY STAR) than homes built to Wisconsin’s Uniform Dwelling Code.

Harpe Development LLC uses high quality subcontractors to complete our homes. Our subcontractors respond quickly to warranty concerns and are more than happy to discuss products with our homeowners.

As Harpe Development LLC continues to grow, we strive to maintain our hands on approach to building homes. We understand that building or buying a home is the biggest and most personal choice that you will make. We pride ourselves in our three word motto: Honesty, Integrity and Communication. By following these words, our customers move into their home happy with their experience in building with us.

Dustin Harpe