We built with Harpe and have been in our home for 14 months. We couldn't be happier! From the beginning, it seemed Dustin held our hands through the whole process. We went in thinking that everything would be out of our price range and he gave us many options that worked for us. Throughout the building process Harpe as a whole communicated and answered our questions. They stayed on task and built our house very quickly! (We were expecting our third child and wanted in before she was born) There were a few hiccups, which is expected when someone is building a house, but they fixed the issues right away. Since we have been finished, Ryan the warranty man, has been very helpful! No huge problems, just a few settling cracks, and they fixed it the day of our 11 month walk through. We built a house we love but we did not build our "forever" house. We will build with Harpe again; I wouldn't even consider another builder!

Model Package: Fairfield
- Scott and Kate

We love our Harpe home. Special thanks to Trish who helped us pick out our interior designs, Phil, who did a great job on drafting the plans exactly the way we wanted them, Jeff who does an outstanding job corresponding with us and keeping us in the loop and Ryan who stepped in and did a fantastic job getting our punch list items resolved. Ryan goes above and beyond to ensure we are satisfied with the progress or any issues that we have. Great team to work with!

- George and Jennifer

Our whole experience with Harpe was fantastic. Special thanks to Phil, Tricia, and Karl for helping us build an amazing home and for making the building process go as smoothly as possible. We would definitely build with Harpe again in the future.

Model Package: Scottsdale
- Brad

My husband and I moved to the Burlington earlier this year. Our decision to build was based upon quality, which was obvious when we walked through spec homes. I was worried about all the stress that comes with building a house but Jeff, Phil, Trisha and Jason always made themselves available & were quick to get back to me with answers. My biggest recommendation is to read the handbook (it will answer many of your questions), do you homework, and trust the experts. Harpe went out of their way to make the process easy for us and I'd highly recommend them!

Model Package: The Monterey
- Scott and Tabitha

We have been into our Harpe home for a little over a month now. We couldn't be happier. A special Thank You to Jeff who was always checking up with us to see how the project was going and coordinate who to work with. Phil, who took different ideas from several models and made it our own, Trish, who was extremely easy to work with. She also gave great recommendations when we were undecided during the selection process. Jason, Who was phenomenal to work with. He was in contact with us about every step that was taking place as well as answer any concerns we may have had. He was always prompt in a response to us. I would recommend Harpe to anyone that is considering building. We plan on building with Harpe again in the future. Thank you Harpe team for making this a fun and great experience for us!

- AJ and Kari