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Harpe Development Is A Focus On Energy Certified Builder

New Home Certification Advantages:

Your Focus on Energy Building Performance Consultant will make sure your home meets the highest standards for energy efficiency, combustion safety, comfort and durability—ensuring your dream home is also a sound investment. In addition to a more energy-efficient home, you will also enjoy other benefits, including:

  • Dedicated builders – Focus on Energy rewards builders for constructing homes to be as efficient as possible, so you know your new home will be built to save energy for years to come.
  • Lower energy bills – A Focus on Energy Certified New Home is at least 25 percent more efficient than homes that are merely built to code, which means lower energy costs and more efficient performance.
  • Comfort – Expect air tightness that minimizes drafts and creates superior indoor air quality. Sealed combustion equipment and carbon monoxide detectors ensure combustion safety and whole-house ventilation for proper circulation.
  • Proof of quality – Your Building Performance Consultant conducts two site visits to review construction and overall performance; conducts scientific tests to ensure the proper performance of the air sealing, insulation, ventilation and combustion equipment; and certify your home.
  • Resale advantage – A Focus on Energy New Home Certification offers added value when looking to resell your home.